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Grant Funding


Grant funding is vital resource for economic development efforts. Sources include government monies, corporations and private foundations and trusts. The top 40 giving foundations in California grant over $2.25 billion each year.

AMI Concepts can help support your organization through grants. We can provide any combination of grant funding services, including a comprehensive complete program.

We can get you started

  • Assessment of funding needs
  • Funding goals and objectives
  • Action plan
  • Funding source research

We can do the writing

  • Organization information
  • Project design and methodology
  • Evaluation objectives
  • Budget analysis and matching funds
  • References and documentation
  • Abstract, concept paper and pre-proposal
  • Proposal

And we can follow up and manage your grant, if needed.

Get started by contacting Jan Minami by email (click name) or call her at 559.859.1763.