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While bold visions abound, success is generated by taking those creative ideas and melding them together with the necessary organizations and people.

Stakeholders working together can join their city in creating public/private partnerships, usually taking the form of business improvement districts. Two important factors have been proven over the years to be cooperation and transparency. Private and public sectors build a collaborative relationship through an open process – one that establishes “give and take” on  sides.

AMI Concepts can help you build a variety of public/private partnerships, with a specialty in PBID formation.

We can facilitate:

  • Proper preparations, considering the levels of public impact: inform, consult, involve, collaborate, empower
  • Creating a shared vision, including initial creation and implementation strategies
  • Identifying key players, their needs and their perspectives
  • Understanding of risks and rewards
  • Construction of a framework to coordinate decision making
  • Tools and methods to secure ongoing commitments from all parties
  • Support and assistance of leadership
  • Establishment of clear communication channels
  • Negotiations based on fairness
  • Assurance that trust is a key factor

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