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College and Career Resource Center

As academic offerings are bolstered, school districts have the opportunity to increase the connection between what students learn in school and what they need to succeed in the workplace. A resource center with a strong director will improve opportunities for students while assisting teachers, counselors and parents in supporting students’ paths to success after high school.

Here are possible components:

  1. Career database
  2. Career exploration
  3. Career fair
  4. Career testing
  5. College night coordination
  6. College resources
  7. Financial aid information
  8. Individual career counseling
  9. Individual college counseling
  10. Internships
  11. Job shadowing
  12. Jobs available database
  13. Parent support
  14. Practice interviews
  15. Scholarship information
  16. Support of CTE and VROP
  17. Testing information
  18. Traveling consultant in district

AMI Concepts is prepared to assist you in any or all of these efforts, including staffing. Contact Jan Minami at or 559.859.1763.